Song List

  1. Anchor of Hope
  2. His Mercy is More
  3. Holy and Anointed One
  4. I Wonder
  5. Lead Me to the Cross

Anchor of Hope

Ellie Holcomb, Brown Bannister

Marvelous, wonderful, infinite God
Author of all that is good
Faithful provider and giver of life
Source of all power and love

Great is the Lord, and most worthy of praise
Refuge of strength to the end
Righteous redeemer and mighty to save
He’s the anchor of hope for the souls of men

Gracious, compassionate, merciful God
Radiant, holy delight
Beautiful Father, victorious son
Source of unchangeable light

You are light in the dark
You are healing for the broken heart
You are hope, You are Lord
You are life, You are love that endures

Powerful, constant, unwavering God
Shepherd who comes for the lost
Rock of salvation, remarkable love
Savior who died on the cross

His Mercy is More

Matt Papa

What love could remember no wrongs we have done
Omniscient, all knowing, he counts not their sum
Thrown into a sea without bottom or shore
Our sins they are many, his mercy is more

What patience would wait as we constantly roam
What father, so tender, is calling us home
He welcomes the weakest, the vilest, the poor
Our sins they are many, his mercy is more

What riches of kindness he lavished on us
His blood was the payment, his life was the cost
We stood 'neath a debt we could never afford
Our sins they are many, his mercy is more

Praise the Lord
His mercy is more
Stronger than darkness, new every morn
Our sins they are many, his mercy is more

Holy and Anointed One

John Barnett

Jesus, Jesus
Holy and anointed one

Jesus, Jesus
Risen and exalted one

Your name is like honey on my lips
Your Spirit like water to my soul
Your word is a lamp unto my feet
Jesus I love You I love You

I Wonder

Leeland Mooring

At the stars in the night I wonder
At Your lightning in the sky I shudder
Your glory is a blanket that covers
Every living thing

And it feels like there’s
Not enough praise inside of me
With all these words
All my heart can sing is holy
You are holy

Jesus Christ, You bled Your love
Laid down Yourself
And gave me life
In naked shame You hung
And You were lifted high
Here I lay in awe and wonder

I am afraid
For no one’s ever sacrificed
And loved me this way
So on my face I fall
Under Your heavy grace
Here I lay in awe and wonder
And I wonder

I’m in awe at the majesty
Of who You are
Your love is a seal
Burnt inside my heart
All of the day
I want to be where You are
Holy Father

Lead Me to the Cross

Brooke Fraser

Savior I come
Quiet my soul
Redemptions hill
Where Your blood was spilled
For my ransom

Everything I once held dear
I count it all as lost

Lead me to the cross
Where Your love poured out
Bring me to my knees
Lord I lay me down
Rid me of myself
I belong to You
Lead me
Lead me to the cross

You were as I
Tempted and tried
You are
The word became flesh
Bore my sin and death
Now You're risen

To Your heart
To Your heart
Lead me to Your heart
Lead me to Your heart